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+Tall, svelte Aussie beauty. Snow-white, fashion model looks.

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The Look

Claudia Cadine is a 5'10", slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

Hello there!

My name is Claudia. I am a private escort-companion based in London, available to travel to you worldwide.

I am a statuesque, lithe and slight woman, a woman of great elegance. If you’re here, you are likely an aesthete: someone with an appreciation for slender, beautiful women and the graceful features they possess. We are a rarity, it gives me great pleasure to play your muse.

My appearance is always sophisticated, timeless and chic. A lover of nature, architecture and fashion - beauty is important to me.

My figure an extension of this, I work hard to maintain my picture-perfect 35-24-35 measurements. I stand at 1.79m with dark blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair and “doll-featured” facial features. If not a model, people often assume that I am a dancer. I have a picture-perfect look: soft, smooth and ageless ivory skin, a taught toned figure, and a naturally large derriere. I lead a healthy lifestyle, it shows. My favourable looks and pale, supple body are reminiscent of women from a time long romanticised.

In public, I appear as an understated and modest businesswoman, full of charm. I would never attract attention for negative reasons. I am not a person that seeks attention from large numbers of people, or someone that enjoys being centre stage.

Behind closed doors, I enjoy to dress up and unearth as your fatale fantasy. I have a stylish range of lingerie, short dresses, latex and leather. Whatever you would like me to model for you, a real-life clothes horse.

My relaxed nature and genuine Australian warmth are amongst one of my greatest attributes. I am intelligent, pragmatic in approach, and primarily driven by the need to understand others.

I enjoy the role of being something to others. A beautiful object of your obsession, the woman that you trust with your darkest desires.

If you wish to plan an escape or make me a welcome appearance in your life, I look forward to the day.



Travel to offbeat locations (ie: Azerbaijan, Himalayas, Kazakstan, Mongolia, Central China)


Stalinist, Soviet, Communist, Brutalist, Art Nouveau, Art Deco architecture

Film, 35mm and digital photography

Fashion design

Science and Psychology

Fitness and Dietetics


Available 09:00 - 23:00. I can be available early morning or late at night with advance notice and request.

Calls are preferred. No back and forth banter, please. I am available on Whatsapp too.

I am open to seeing all clients, there are no discriminatory preliminary requirements (my fees are non-negotiable) besides manners and respect.

My website is detailed and open, please respect what I describe as unavailable and not negotiable.

I have a unique booking system, it works well for me, please do not be offended if it doesn’t for you.

All bookings require a small deposit (around 10-20%) that is fully refundable - without penalty - if you cancel with sufficient notice (usually the same day). If you wish to book without a deposit, your booking is “standby” and may be cancelled for a person that wishes to book and pay a deposit. Prepaid bookings are available with a discount. Please see my website.

My website covers many FAQs regarding this and allows you to check my schedule and availability without waiting for a reply from me; you can even book your desired time online now. If you have any questions, please, give me a call.

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